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Work for Surface
The pen has been approved by Microsoft/CE/FCC, confirming the security and high sensitivity. No Bluetooth or any APP setting required, load the battery and use it immediately.

Highly Responsive & Perfectly Precise
Precisely sketch with 1,024pressure points that respond to the lightest touch. Palm rejection function can let you lean your hand on the screen and write as smoothly as on the paper.

Hard and Soft Pen Tips
Two different hardness pen tips(hard and soft) bring a more comfortable writing experience. Sketch, write and erase naturally with no perceptible lag between the pen tip and line — just like you are writing on real paper.

High Reliablity and Exquisite Appearance
The pen has high reliability and can withstand falling from 1.2 meters without damage. It has a variety of colors to choose from to make your surface more lively.

Super Long Use Time
The pen with AAAA battery supports over 300 days use (use 2 hours per day)