In the current, students majored art and design have had a deep understanding of traditional and digital media.More and more design industries are digitized. Although there is no changes in the core design expression and visual communication skills. It is necessary for any student to master the digital technology, no matter you are learning graphic design, industrial design, fashion design or classical illustration,etc.

      It is so difficult to create with a mouse just like paint with rocks that you can try using a maxeye smart pen to draw pictures by your favorite drawing software on the computer. Maxeye smart pen equipped with the complex and sophisticated pressure sensor, it is able to judge the strength that you applied on the tip accurately and show your handwriting perfectly. Also you can change the brush, tool and color as you like on the software easily.

      Graphic expression is much richer than text can mark your display information with simple diagrams, arrows, and circles, through that you can make your presentation more interactively and lively, to increase the attention and enthusiasm of the listeners. At the same time, Viewers can directly use smart pens to highlight problems and make suggestions on the screen, so that everyone's mind is more obvious, which improve the communication efficiency.

      Install Sketch X software on your computer or cell phone,then what you need is just a smart pen, with it you can paint any thing what you have in your mind., The software have all kinds of brushs,like markers, pen, pencils and so on, also diversity colors. also a smart pen supports many other types of creative software, such as Autodesk SketchBook, ArtRage, Studio, Concept, etc.

      If you prefer pen and paper writing, you can use the smart writing set. It can help you can outline your thoughts easily. At the same time, digital materials are the easiest to modify. If you make a mistake, just correct it, there is no need to start again. No longer throw away paper and waste materials. In addition, you can also modify any work on the current inserted background. With it you can create almost in any situation.

| Advantages

·Electronic signature, intuitive and convenient

The solution of Electronic signature allows you to use stylus to write, annotate, mark, highlight and approve applications and agreements on the display, just by writing directly on the display as if you were writing on paper.

·Writing on paper with pen and generating an electronic document

EInk Smart Writing allows you to save the corresponding electronic documents while signing the paper, reducing the time for scanning, uploading and improving work efficiency.

·Encryption algorithm, safe and reliable

Encrypted dynamic signature schemes make your handwriting a living biometric ID of your own, keeping assets and information safe.

·Remote signing, fast and easy

The electronic signing solution also provides remote signing functions, which can be signed by remote transmission contract, providing convenient and reliable security. Make signing more efficient.

| Products

Smart writing set