MAXEYE stylus can take place all the use of mouse. You can use it to move the cursor, implement the click, write or draw directly. All the operating is just the same as using pen and paper. Share your thoughts and information with many viewers, or even the network when connect to a projector or other large display.

       Besides, using the "Draw" tool in PowerPoint, you can use stylus to highlight key indicators, important percentages of the cycle, and more. As an old saying, a thousand words in one picture, you can make your presentation more vivid through drawing simple diagrams, arrows, and circles and then convert presentations into interactive work sessions.

      It will increase the attention and enthusiasm of the listener so that improve the effectiveness of the meeting or training.

      At the same time, the audience can directly use the stylus to highlight problems and make suggestions on the screen, so that everyone's point of view will be more eye-catching.

      When the stylus is used at meeting, you can turn the paper record into an electronic version, without recording by yourself.

      When you are filling out documents, such as leave orders, application forms, reimbursement forms, MAXEYE solution can help you turn them into an electronic one.

| Advantages

·Business report is more intuitive

·Easier operating

·Improving business efficiency and avoiding waste

·Enhancing interaction during presentations, meetings or trainings

·More convenient meeting record

·Remote approval strengthens the workflow and makes work more efficient

| Products

Smart writing set