It supports synchronous display, contrastive explain, interaction between teacher and student, remote review, real-time competition, more interesting teaching and more effective learning.

      Teacher traditionally use blackboard to teach, which isn’t effective enough to interact with student. Only a small part of students can take the exercise in class, resulting in a limited grasp of student. However, the Interactive class solution realize the electronic interaction between teacher and student by using traditional paper and pen. And the Bluetooth AP bridges all students with each other.

      You can just hold the Smart Writing to write everywhere, which set teacher from the podium, so that they can communicate with students more sufficiently. Each students' exercises in class can be projected and everyone will join in. It will ease teachers' workload and improve teach efficiency.

| Advantages

·Concise and easy operating

This solution is concise enough without specific area, a Bluetooth AP can easily set up teaching environment.

·Real-time interaction improves efficiency

Smart AP support multi-person real-time interaction. The communication between teacher and student will also be improved hugely.

·Intuitive and easy to solve problems

Some trick problems can be projected so that teacher can support help.

·Returning back to the paper and pen, writing freely

People still use traditional tool to write, which is better than electric device, avoiding doing harm to eyesight.

| Products

Smart writing set