Real-time recording the original handwriting can reserve every step of your writing. The complicated formula or the easy graphics can be showed directly making the micro-class more clearly and intuitively.

      MAXEYE customized a series of solutions for professional micro-class making. Micro-class can merge into traditional education only by combining the EInk Smart Writing and APP. While teacher is writing on the Smart Writing, voice is also being recorded at the same time.

      After that, writing process and voice is reserved as MP4, called micro-class. Then, it can be shared with student real-time or upload to the cloud for reserving and sharing. Easy operation satisfies different education environment, saves time and feeds the need for daily class. It can be used during pre-class, mid-class and after class.

      At the same time, the recording of micro-class restores the origin handwriting. It is especially beneficial for the interpretation of complex abstract content such as symbols, formulas, geometric figures, and mind maps. It can also be applied to the process of recording and sharing in calligraphy and art teaching.

| Advantages

· Easy to operate, recording at any time

With the Smart Writing Set, you can write on any paper smoothly, track original handwriting, synchronize display and record voice. It is so quick to start and so easy to record.

·Back to paper and pen, writing ultimately

Compared with traditional writing mode, the Smart Writing supports a smooth writing experience, and reserves a recording of real handwriting and voice. The original teaching process is automatically presented in the micro-class works, like a face-to-face explain to students.

·Universal video format, Cloud saving, Easy to share

The video is MP4 universal format, which can upload all major video platforms. And the video can be uploaded to the software cloud and easily shared with social media such as Wechat, Weibo, QQ, etc.

| Products

Smart writing set