Teaching with paper and pen, smooth writing experience and online face-to-face interaction without the limit of distance.

      Currently, it is not intuitively enough to teach online with PPT. Besides, Live video class is limited by network flow. MAXEYE Smart Writing can break the limit and easily explain abstract concept such as, formula symbol, thought of solutions and all kinds of subjects.

Compared to live video class, EInk Smart Writing Set compresses information into small data size, deduces the requirement of network speed and guarantees a smooth enough experience.

| Advantages

·Writing freely and having a webcast easily

ust taking the EInk Smart Writing Set, you can record the origin handwriting, synchronize to cloud and then display on the device, such as, phone, pad or PC. You can even take a live video class everywhere. Document material, complex formula and graphics is freely expressed. It turns webcast more diversified, interactive explanation more intuitive and the interpretation more effective.

·Super mini capacity and sharing in time

By recording the origin handwriting, you can get a dynamic teaching process video. The video supports MP4 normal format, which is less than 1/10 capacity compared to the former.

·Self-development and custom-made

MAXEYE possesses the patent of hardware and software for all solutions. We can support full platform SDK, which is open to the third-party platform. Also, we’ve got a professional technical development team to support our custom quick customized development service.

| Products

Smart writing set