Almost all types of forms are now electronically signed, such as new accounts, electronic contract for loan applications, and financial product documentation. It’s a good choice to use MAXEYE stylus to sign on the device that matches it.

      Stylus provide a more immersive and intuitive experience, especially when filling out digital forms, you can use the stylus to write, annotate, mark, highlight and approve applications and agreements on the screen, just like writing on paper. Customers can view the complete document and write and sign it on it.

      The experience of the electronic pen is very similar to traditional paper writing, but it has all the benefits of a paperless process. With more time your staff saved on processing, printing, scanning and retrieving paper, they will have more time to serve your customers.

      More and more countries and regions have introduced relevant laws that declare these electronic handwritten signatures are legally binding. At the same time, when the paper signature must be used, the Smart Writing set allows you to save the corresponding electronic manuscript while writing on the paper document, which reduces the time of scanning, uploading, etc., and greatly improves work efficiency.

      When people buy expensive goods such as real estate and cars, they usually need to apply for loans. In these cases, the merchants can use the electronic contract technology to fully digitize all contracts and forms, and can also perform credit verification very quickly.

      You do not need to scan, copy, fax, or transfer paper. Customers can sign the agreement remotely without running to another bank. Through the paperless workflow of remote electronic signatures, the transaction process can be simplified in a large amount, saving time and enabling merchants and customers to complete transactions easily.

| Advantages

·Electronic signature, intuitive and convenient

The solution of Electronic signature allows you to use stylus to write, annotate, mark, highlight and approve applications and agreements on the display, just by writing directly on the display as if you were writing on paper.

·Writing on paper with pen and generating an electronic document

EInk Smart Writing allows you to save the corresponding electronic documents while signing the paper, reducing the time for scanning, uploading and improving work efficiency.

·Encryption algorithm, safe and reliable

Encrypted dynamic signature schemes make your handwriting a living biometric ID of your own, keeping assets and information safe.

·Remote signing, fast and easy

The electronic signing solution also provides remote signing functions, which can be signed by remote transmission contract, providing convenient and reliable security. Make signing more efficient.

| Products

Smart writing set