Almost all government business needs to fill out forms, such as, complaint form, application for new passport or driver's license. MAXEYE can save your time to provide more valuable services. Also, the paper, ink, printers and supplies are saved as well.

      E-handwritten signatures are also part of official credentials such as passports, ID cards and pass cards. MAXEYE can capture it by high resolution, embed in biometrics to protect against passports and ID fraud and significantly reduce the costs associated with storing, archiving, retrieving, and shipping paper.

      The experience of the electronic pen is very similar to traditional paper writing, but it has all the benefits of a paperless process. With more time your staff saved on processing, printing, scanning and retrieving paper, they will have more time to serve your customers.

      The stylus can be operated directly on the computer with direct coordination between eyes and hands. So, it is much faster than the mouse. You can take notes and draw a chart with stylus, sketch in few seconds to transfer a lot of information easily.

      Electronic signature solution of MAXEYE enables government to realize the remote business processing, which users can sign the form on their own computer and send it to the corresponding department.

      MAXEYE’s original handwriting recording includes a unique biometrics, which is as legal as the real one. Remote approval will significantly improve the efficiency of government affairs while save citizen’s time.

| Advantages

·Electronic signature, intuitive and convenient

The solution of Electronic signature allows you to use stylus to write, annotate, mark, highlight and approve applications and agreements on the display, just by writing directly on the display as if you were writing on paper.

·Writing on paper with pen and generating an electronic document

EInk Smart Writing allows you to save the corresponding electronic documents while signing the paper, reducing the time for scanning, uploading and improving work efficiency.

·Encryption algorithm, safe and reliable

Encrypted dynamic signature schemes make your handwriting a living biometric ID of your own, keeping assets and information safe.

·Remote signing, fast and easy

The electronic signing solution also provides remote signing functions, which can be signed by remote transmission contract, providing convenient and reliable security. Make signing more efficient.

| Products

Smart writing set