For many years, paper and pens have been the method used by doctors and other medical professionals to update medical records, diagnose conditions, draw and annotate. But paper cases are not easy to save and view and it will lose easily and take up a lot of storage space.

      Using MAXEYE Smart Writing allows you to generate the corresponding electronic files and upload the cloud. You can also keep the original prescription of the paper, which is not only convenient for patients to view, but also convenient for storage and management of the hospital.

      In addition, the patient can sign the registration forms with MAXEYE stylus comfortably, and easily control the cursor, when reading important text on the screen. Compared to a mouse or trackpad, stylus is more natural and intuitive just like writing a pen on paper.

      When they sign the name, they can see the e-ink on the screen. By implementing a paperless registration and consent process, hospitals and clinics can significantly reduce the use of paper, save associated time and cost. Patient will be satisfied by shorter waiting time.

      The costs of printing, processing, scanning, archiving and retrieving paper documents in hospitals are significantly reduced. Because of the fully-digitized information, doctors can conduct remote consultations and provide professional advice by observing digital records. Electronic medical records can also be sent directly to the pharmacy for quick prescriptions.

      In medical care, in order to provide as high a level of patient care as possible, doctors tend to ensure their patients fully understand their own condition.

      Over the years, doctors have used pens to draw areas of interest on paper medical records, showing the progress of symptoms, and clarifying how to treat. When the patient is puzzle, the doctor will communicate with them until they understand it, which is effective and comfortable for both patients and doctors.

      With the introduction of electronic medical records, related operations are done by keyboard and mouse. So many people feel that this visual method of communication is gone, while the fact is opposite. Through the Smart Medical solution of MAXEYE, doctors can describe medical conditions and procedures visually with stylus and E-inks.

      It is faster but similar with traditional tool, full of dynamic and interactive during advisory. The combination of the electronic medical record system and smart signing program can improve patient satisfaction, optimize the time of doctors, and improve overall service quality.

| Advantages

·Easy to archive encrypted electronic document

·Electronic signature is legally binding

·Saving consumables, manpower and space in treasury

·Remote consultation, quick response, service quality is improved

·One-click search to reduce waiting and improve work efficiency

| Products

Smart writing set