The smart education solution not only improve teaching quality, but also enables education to span time and place.


The E-contract makes the signing more efficient and the dynamic handwriting recognition makes your assets safer.


The healthcare solution allows you to know the current treatment information and provide protection of security, legality and validity.


Trivial records, optional doodle, or wonderful ideas can be recorded easily on the device and shared at the first time.

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Smart Writing Set

Complex formula, trivial record,optional doodle, or whatever you create on the paper can easily be converted to a digital storage in real time without taking photos, scanning documents, or uploading files, Eink can not only save resources, increase your productivity, but also better edit and share your creations.


Excellent anodizing process, commercial appearance, with GT810E high performance processing core and a series of precision sensors, leading to excellent writing experience.

MAXEYE unveiled at WinHEC, empowering Microsoft pen writing

WinHEC was held in Shenzhen, Microsoft has conducted in-depth communication with the guests, to share the progress on Windows hardware ecology. As an important partner of Microsoft Shenzhen 1000 Intelligent Technology Co Ltd, was invited to attend the meeting.

        Maxeye Smart Technologies Co., Limited has completed the research and development of the MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol) Active Capacitor Pen, and also successfully passed the Microsoft HLK test.Maxeye was authorized by the Microsoft official to be an enterprise to design and to sell MPP active pens. 《Certification》